Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lost & Found

This is it. I have two songs that have gotten me more attention than the rest of everything I have written combined. This is one of them, the other shall not speak it's name.

Fine. It's kinda dirty. I knew that when I wrote it. Figured it might get some attention either positive or negative, but on an entirely different level, really, most of us do it.  I'm not sure why the act of sexual congress can't be a component of a larger emotion. I'm sure I'm being naive on some level.

This recording of it is Small Shiny Things again. I've talked about Chris Bauler and this is his lead. It's great. Matt has the kit on this and he's great. It was written to be an acoustic song back when SST was playing all acoustic. It didn't swing like this and Matt sold it. I've got another song that I think shows Matt off even a little better and that's for next week.  So it's really amazing how that evolved., but let's focus on two other aspects. RD's chicken pickin' starts at :28 and it kills. It's one of the best parts of this for me. Ron is the guy in the pocket, he always brings it and most of the time in a take or two. I'm amazed by his instincts as a musician and his usefulness in a song. It's doubtful I'll ever do anything in a band without him. I like being the only player, but if there's a second guitar its gonna be Ron. I can;t say enough about what he brings to a song. He's never too little or too much. I fucking love what RD does. I'm his biggest fan.

And Jay. Shit. That guy doesn't get enough love and he gets a lot. His part here steals the tune. Ghost notes and from the belt swing and bravado. Check the fill at 1:22. Yeah. Hell yeah. I've never really tried to be in a group that was a collection of kick ass players. I never wanted the albums to be a pile of licks. I believe in the song. Accidentally I got these guys. They bring all of that and never take their eye off the ball, off the tune. It's a great honor to know them and to get to play with them no where near as often as I'd like.

Give some love.

Here's the tune today. Keep it. Share it. hopefully get a good laugh, maybe a little sadness. That makes me happy, I'm always trying to break your heart while you're laughing about it.

Thanks. Happy Thursday.

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