Thursday, April 10, 2014


I don't really know how Matt does this. I brought this tune in to SST completely naked. the only things I knew about it was that there should be an off key trumpet and that it was too long and too boring. The guys found a way to make it all work. Chris is pretty amazing t making a lead sing and Matt wrote a drum part I would listen to by itself. In fact I have.

This song, like all of the SST stuff I've posted was a part of a full on project that never really saw daylight. This is  project called "Illinois" that we recorded with Tony Montana in North Aurora sometime in 2007. I suspect it's my fault this never fully came to be. I was antsy.

Still, if you ever sit and listen to the disc in full (which I have and will post), Everyone is a huge contribution on this. Jay and Matt with vocal arrangements, Chris and Ron are so good at working together and shaping the songs - I didn't play a lot of guitar on this at all. Matt, man, he's in a large way the guy who drove us all to be our bests and preform in a certain, on purpose way. He sings all over this, played every beat of the drums and contributed to the arrangements. He knows these songs better than I do and we couldn't do this without him.

It's been a big priority for me to get as many of these guys back in a room and as soon as possible. We got to do a few songs for Water Bears and I hope to have an annotated version of that album after it's finished. Which is strange for me, because I've mostly tried to shut up about the stuff I write, but the response to this has been pretty wonderful. At any rate, I hope you'll get to see Small Shiny Things in some incarnation at some watering hole very soon.

Here's just one of the marathon parts he contributed. It's KT, a half ass love song about not really wanting love, but a better definition of self and not so much loneliness. I was lonely when I wrote it. There was a KT, but it was an amalgam of influences ad I just called it that because I used to use my own initials to start conversations with girls because I suck at the girl stuff. I'd ask if I knew them and if their name was KT. Yeah, lame written down. It's all I had.

Thanks, as always, for your continued listens and time in reading this stuff. Buy Matt a cup of coffee. Hell, buy me one, too.

Here it is. Take it. Share it. 

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